Brand Performance

(lead generation/branding)

Brand Performance depends on many factors, and all of them depend of your strategy. Revshare owns the necessary tools to give life to your brand, using a simple integrated view: Branding-Activation-Sale.

Revshare offers you its targeted audiences and advises you according to best practices, so that you can adjust your communication to the different goals of your brand.

We believe that, in different moments, there are different approaches, and we're ready to answer all your needs with objective, focused proposals.

& Sponsoring

You wish to get new clients for your business, but lead generation is too expensive for you?

At Revshare we work together, finding the right partnersto share this cost with you (never including your competitors)) and building databases with similar caracteristhics to your own.

This way, we can optimize costs, and every partner comes out ahead. More leads at a lower cost.

on Audiences

Audiences are the most important asset of any media or content agency.

However, its profitability is not always easy to achieve. Where are the right campaigns for you? How can you do email marketing sendouts and how can you optimize its content, so that the highest profitability is reached while maintaining the highest level of engagement and relevance towards your users?

Revshare does this sort of work for you. Just contact us.

Database Building

Do you wish to build your own email database, perfectly segmented and targeted to your specific needs?

At Revshare we also gather email databases and we are able to manage them for you, through revenue share of the profits.

Very quickly, you will be able to reach the breakeven point of your investment, while continuosly monitoring your database performance.

  • Brand Performance
    (lead generation/branding)
  • Co-Registration
    & Sponsoring
  • Return
    on Audiences
  • Targeted
    Database Building
Run your campaigns within our audience network, taking advantage of our experience in the market, our ability to give you results and the quality of our vertical services.
Exclusive campaigns, competitive prices, simple real-time platform, global offers. We want to work with the best, because we believe in the goodwill of our clients' brands and in the value added of our publishers' audiences
Worldwide Audiences
Revshare successfully works the European and LATAM markets, and is sustainably expanding, with plans to reach Eastern Europe, North America and Australia.